It’s Almost Here! The 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse

  • Kieghan M
  • 04/16/2023
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On October 14th, 2023, a really rare astronomical phenomenon will occur, an annular solar eclipse!

What is a solar eclipse?
A solar eclipse is an uncommon phenomenon where the Sun and Moon line up in the sky. During a solar eclipse, the Moon may cover some or all of the Sun.

What are the types of solar eclipses?
There are three types of solar eclipses. A partial eclipse, a total elipse, and an annular eclipse.

  • A partial eclipse happen when the Moon covers only part of of the Sun.
Credit: Time and Date


  • A total eclipse happens when the Sun and Moon are lined up so that the Moon completely covers the Sun. During a total solar eclipse, the sun’s irregular atmosphere may become visible
Credit: NASA


  • An annular eclipse is the rarestxof them all, it only occurs when the Moon covers the Dun, but is to far away from Earth to completely cover it. This causs a “ring of fire” effect where a ring of sunlight surrounds the silhouetted Moon.
Credit: NASA

Where will it be?

The path with begin of the coast of Oregon and move southwest across the states of Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, ending off the coast of Corpus Cristi.

Credit: NASA